About us

Many people today try to deal with all the electricity problems in the house by themselves. Some people get relaxed while doing electric repairing/improvement works, some people are doing that because they understand the importance of keeping electric devices in good shape. It’s not only essential that you know what the actual problem is and what do you need to fix it, but you also need some quality electric supplies so that you don’t waste your time without getting the wished result. Moreover, it is always important to know the best electric supply store near your house, where you can find electric tools & equipment, electric safety equipment, and other necessary electric items.
You can always ask someone what to buy and what to do with it, but it’s better to trust professionals. That’s why our company’s mission is to supply you with appropriate electric equipment to maintain your houses’ electricity in the best shape. Our electric wholesale supply store provides good quality electric items from the best providers.

Since 2010 United Electric Wholesale Supply gives you best equipment for the repairing/improving purpose of your home electric systems. We do our best to satisfy every customer’s unique needs. We cooperate with the best companies that produce the best equipment all over the world. We want our fellow electricians to do what they want with less physical efforts and with maximum comfortability, that’s why we always look for better equipment to supply our customers with.

We want you to choose us and to shop here yourself because we clearly have the best equipment in the US from around the globe. All of our customers have a crucial level of trust, that sometimes even the biggest retail companies lack. We have the best staff, and every single of them is a highly qualified expert in his or her job. We want our customers to be willing to spend their money, earned by hard-working. We also have a large group of loyal customers, whose trust we have earned by hard working and giving the best service possible. Our staff always helps customers with helpful information and with advice, in case they don’t know exactly what they need. There would be no United Electric Wholesale Supply without our loyal customers.

We want to help every single of our customers to solve their house's electric problems. If they leave our store with at least a little piece of knowledge that will be useful for them and their house's electric system, we will have our main goal reached. We hope to see any of you at our electric supply store and we will do our best to help you with anything we can.

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