Should you do your own wiring?

Did you move to a new house? Are you renovating your current one? Is your wiring getting too old? There are many reasons for house wiring installation. The Internet is full of tutorials and DIYs that teach how to do the rewiring. Despite the abundance of resources, it is not safe to do electrical wiring of your house or property on your own.

You can attempt to do small electrical repairs such as broken hair dryer or a faulty switch but don’t work with domestic wiring systems. It is very tempting to save money and follow instructions. Therefore, in this article, we will go over the reasons why you shouldn’t do your own wiring and hire an emergency electrician.
To make this simple, we will break the article into 2 parts:

1. Why you want to do your own wiring,
2. Why you shouldn’t do your own wiring.

Why do you want to do your own wiring?

As we already mentioned, counting on yourself spares you additional expenses. But, it is not only about money. Some owners want to save the time and energy that goes into finding a good and reliable electrician who won’t make the matter even worse.
Another group of homeowners finds electrical repairs too easy. Just look at tutorials. One wire here, another there and voila, it is ready to go. It is not a rocket science. Residential wiring diagrams and schematics look basic and they are easy to understand. So, why you shouldn’t save your time and money and do it on your own?
A lot of DIYs suggest that by turning off the circuit, you basically eliminate the risk of any danger. No money, no risk, no additional time. It is the perfect combination. So, why would you even consider hiring someone? Well, this takes us to our next part.

Why you shouldn’t do your own wiring?

Those DIYs and tutorials are made by specialists who know how to handle electricity. Moreover, they know what to do in case something goes wrong. Indeed, a lot of homeowners are not trained to deal with electrical emergencies.
Wiring is case-based, tutorials cover one case. But, what about 100 other factors that influence how the wiring of your house should be done? There are many details involved in wiring and as a homeowner, you can’t possibly be familiar with all of them (unless you are a professional electrician).
Last but not least, you can turn off the circuit and do whatever you need to do by yourself safely. But what if you’ve done something wrong and as soon as the circuit is on, there is fire? Turning off the circuit does not guarantee safety.

Working with electricity can be dangerous. Therefore, unless it is something small and simple, we recommend hiring a licensed electrician. Domestic wiring systems can seem easy. But, for the sake of your and your family’s safety, leave it to the professionals. If you want to participate in it, you can buy wire electric supplies from the electric cable store like United Electric Wholesale & Trading and let electricians handle the rest.