The advantages of smart lighting at your home

Houses with a lot of natural lighting are the favorites of homeowners but finding one is not always that easy. Big windows and roof windows that let the sunshine in are some of the ways to increase the lighting in the house. Nonetheless, sometimes depending on the location of the house, it is not enough to have enough light in the house. While having natural lighting is the perfect way to go, there are still some things you can do to have bright rooms.

Regular yellow lamps are not the only means of lighting your house. With some thought and effort, you can add lots of lighting to your house. Smart lighting systems allow you to put an accent on some areas of your house, control the level of brightness and many more things. You need a little more complex electrical wiring design than your regular domestic wiring system to make smart lighting possible but it is definitely worth it and we will discuss why in details.

What is smart lighting?

Smart lighting systems are not just about controlling the level of brightness, it entails a lot more. Smart lighting is connected to another smart object in your house – your smartphone. If you install this kind of lighting system in your house, you can control it with your phone through a connected app.

The app allows you to change the brightness, the colors and all of that through voice commands if you activate that feature. Yes, you don’t have to get up and reach the switch – just grab your phone. Sounds cool, right? But does it have other benefits other than being cool and extremely convenient? It does! Here are some of them.

Save electricity and get lower bills

Smart lighting systems sound fancy but at the end of the day, they will save you electricity and ultimately money that goes to the bills. How many times did you leave the house and remembered that you left the lights on? Now, since the switch is in your pocket, you just open the app and turn the lights off with one click.

The lights don’t have to stay on for hours until you get home or because you are too lazy to get up and turn them off.


Will you be at home late or have an unexpected trip? Well, you can turn to lights on and create the idea that you are home and then turn them off once it gets too late. You can take it to the next level by constantly turning on and off the lights in this or that room or simply change the brightness.

As a side perk, you can also turn on the outdoor lights when you are approaching and make opening the door easier.

Better sleep and better mood

Some people sleep with the lights on, some need to have complete darkness and some need special lights. Smart lighting system meets the needs of all kinds of sleepers. You can adjust the lighting the way you want and enjoy your good night sleep. Smart lighting allows you to work with the settings have lights on when you are still awake and then slowly dim while you are falling asleep.

Going up and down the stairs is easier in the dark because you can use your phone to switch the lights on and not count on the flash. You can also adjust the lights based on your mood.

Lights for every occasion

Are you hosting a movie night? Do you want to have a romantic dinner? Is it Christmas time? A smart lighting system is perfect for every occasion. With one click you can turn your house into a cinema, fancy restaurant or a Christmas wonderland. You don’t have to go to a club for a party, simple change the settings and turn your house into a big dance floor with appropriate lighting.

How to install smart lighting

Very tempting right? You need to hire a licensed electrician, explain what you need and they will guide you to the best option based on your current house wires.

The smart lighting system is not a luxury, it’s a convenience that you can have in your house.
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